Joey Howell

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Joey Howell, Audio Engineer, Podcast Editor, Post Production Sound, Documentary Filmmaker

Audio Engineer - Podcast Editor - Post Production Sound - Filmmaker

I bring over 15 years of experience to the audio and visual field, and have spent the last eight years freelancing across the United States and Canada. 

I was the lead sound engineer for a 2012 campaign event featuring former President Obama, and have worked alongside artists like Jim Gaffigan, Michael Junior,, Leann Rhymes, Kenny Loggins, John Elefante, Dinosaur Jr., and many others. 

I’m also a filmmaker, and directed, edited, and produced the feature-length documentary film Boys With Bigger Hearts, which debuted in 2018.

Over the past four years, I’ve worked as an audio editor and post-production producer for various podcasts, including Work Life Play and numerous shows from the Ransomed Heart organization. In addition to my editing duties, my work also includes setting up and managing recording sessions and sound design duties. 

My freelance career continues to thrive because I bring passion, reliability, and tenacity to everything I do.

Yamaha CL5 Live Concert


Editing and mixing of podcasts, audio books and music.



Direction and editing for music and documentary film.


Boys with Bigger Hearts

Boys with Bigger Hearts - A feature length documentary directed and edited by Joey Howell. 

Dominion - Eleanor Perry Smith

A poetry film with poet Eleanor Perry-Smith. Film direction and sound recording by Joey Howell.

Illuminate and burn - Straight White Teeth

A Straight White Teeth music video co - directed, shot and edited by Joey Howell.

behind the scenes - peru mountain climbing

A behind the scenes film for a video shot in Peru. The sound was edited and mixed by Joey Howell. Most of the audio was recorded on DSLR and GoPro camera microphones so de noising was needed to make the dialogue stand out.

Signal Flow Promo

A promo video for a music production app called Signal Flow. Edited by Joey Howell.


Veritas CBD Farm

Thrillist produced this piece about Veritas CBD Farm. Joey provided all on location sound services.

Sunstar Sprockets - Commercial

A commercial for Sunstar Sprockets. Joey performed the audio mix for this spot.

Ransomed Heart - Podcast

An excerpt from the Ransomed Heart podcast. Edited and mixed by Joey.

Community College of Denver - Commercial

A commercial for the Community College of Denver Construction program. Joey helped oversee the edit and performed the final audio mix.

Work, Life, Play - podcast

A short excerpt from the Work, Life, Play podcast. Edited and mixed by Joey.

Defiant Joy - Audio Book

A five minute excerpt of an audio book. Recorded and edited by Joey Howell.